Gift #868: Rock Garden

One thing that Colorado does really well is rocks.  The roots of the mountains are made of granite and quartz and they joyfully burst above ground in a riot of rock outcroppings and scattered weathered bits of rock.  The abundance of rock combined with an arid climate makes rock gardening an attractive win-win for the environment and for gardeners.


There are several alpine rock gardens that I’ve had the privilege of visiting, but my favorite of them is at Denver Botanic Gardens.  Their collection of gardens is diverse and breathtaking, but the crown jewel is the rock garden.


Great slabs of granite form garden beds, succulents take root in the tiny fissures and cracks, and native wildflowers thrive in the sandy, rocky soil.


Each time I visit the gardens, I made sure to spend several hours in this garden.  Everywhere you point the camera is a beautiful picture and I switch rapidly between close-ups of unusual plants and landscape shots.



I love to look back through my pictures and remember how it smells there after a brief afternoon rain shower – the wet on the hot rocks mingled with the nectar of the flowers and the scent of pine – it’s intoxicating.  The wind blows lightly  and the setting sun brings the garden to a golden life.


Blessings to you,


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