Gift #869: Views from a Naturalist’s Desk

This  collection of some of the natural treasures collected on hikes in the mountains looks like it came from a curiosity cabinet.  I’m intensely fascinated by these compilations of natural history specimens.  I’ve been gifted with several books on the subject and must admit that certain areas of the living room and bookshelves have been appropriated as modern day assemblages.  These will be added to the collection.


Several rocks, pads of moss, leaves, and flowers made their way back home.  I make it a habit to have a small notebook on hikes so that I can collect interesting foliage.



These flowers were amazing.  I’d never before seen these trees in bloom.  If anyone might know what they are, I’d be very interested.  They were fragrant clusters of a legume-like flower – they almost looked like clusters of lupine hanging from composite leaves.  The blossoms were intensely fragrant and the bees loved them.


I love these fragile souvenirs even more than what you could buy at a store, for these are part of the landscape that I love.

Blessings to you,


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