Gift #870: Dreaming of Goats

Summer here means it’s fair time.  We just finished up with my county’s fair last week and our state fair is going to start up in a few days.  And fairs mean one main thing to me ….. goats!


For a long time now I’ve harbored great affection for goats and I absolutely love going to see them at our different fairs.  At the county fair, nearly all the animals on exhibit are from our 4H kids.  It’s fun to see all the kids running around looking after their animals and corralling them into the rings to be judged.  I was able to watch some of the goat judging (including the pygmy goats – which are my favorite).   A couple of observations from the ring:  1)  You can’t show goats without wearing rhinestones and plaid shirts 2) You should always have a small goat, because they’re easier to pick up when the goat decides to misbehave.  The little kids showing the larger breeds were not so lucky.


Most of the goats were quite polite – there were just a few that were more interested in jumping and playing than standing still to be judged.  Goats have vivacious personalities that I find quite endearing.  I love that they are curious and always interested in what’s going on around them.  Many of them would stand up on their hind legs to get a better view of you as you came through.  I stopped to chat with several of them and one even munched on my hoodie in a show of friendship.


I entertain great fantasies of keeping a few pygmy goats as pets one day.  It’s probably not practical to consider a pair of small goats as well-mannered house pets, but that’s the power of a great imagination.  I daydream that they will run to the door when I come home, standing up on their back legs, pawing at me for their “hello” kisses.  Then after a frisky game of chase in the front yard, we’d have a good scratch and kick up some dust, then go in for supper.  After dinner they would curl up on the couch with me while I knit and I’d give them scratches behind their ears.  They would nibble my sleeves absentmindedly and then after a good movie we’d bundle off to bed – they’d wear pj’s of course- I’d kiss them goodnight and fall asleep stroking their heads.   Ahhh bliss….


Goodnight sweet goats….

Blessings to you,


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