Gift #873: Krohn Conservatory

While in Cincinnati, my mom and I had an opportunity to visit Krohn Conservatory.  We had been here once before a couple of years ago and enjoyed their gardens.  It quickly became one of the most popular attractions in Cinci upon its completion in 1933.  Nestled in Eden Park on Mt. Adams, it is now part of a cultural complex of parks and museums.


We had returned there to visit the Art Museum, but it didn’t open till later in the morning, so we spent our extra time at the conservatory.  It was lovely to visit the gardens and the greenhouses again.  One of my favorite displays is the butterfly garden which wraps around the side and main entrance.

image It’s filled with bright wildflowers which attract loads of butterflies and bees.  Last time we were there we spent about half an hour photographing spectacular butterflies.  We didn’t spend quite so long there on this trip, but it was long enough to admire several swallowtails and other species.


In a weird bit of twisted irony, the gardens are sponsored by an extermination company.  I’m not for sure how I feel about that – in general it tends to annoy me.  But I’m trying to find a good side in it (if you know of one, please share).

And there was a lovely surprise hiding in a nearby tree.


Isn’t that a beautiful little nest?  It’s just perfect!  Gardens are comprised of miracle after miracle.

Blessings to you,


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