Gift #874: Garden Surprise

After a busy week, I find myself not sure what to blog about and was browsing through my photos.  My indecision of a blogging topic is primarily because there are so many options that I’m not sure which to pick.  In fact, I still have post ideas from photos taken back in May that I’d still like to share.   I’ve settled on one of the more delightful surprises during my trip to Denver.  We had planned to visit a couple of new parks, one of which was in an area we hadn’t been to since we lived there and I was eager to see it again.  However, I think the park was under a cloaking spell, because we could not figure out how to get to the parking lot – roads were closed, places to park on the map weren’t really there… it was a mess.  So we stopped at Lookout Mountain Park to ask for directions.  Once we were there we decided we wanted to stay and explore the park that was one of our first memories of Denver.


We spent several hours hiking some of the trails there and as we were coming back to the nature center, we stumbled upon a garden area.  And amongst the garden were these charming signs.  I have a deep and abiding passion for botanic and wildlife art, especially ones in the style of pencil sketches.


I feel like I say that a lot on my blog – every post is something that I’m crazy about.  I hope it doesn’t sound insincere, but I do actually have so many interests and things I love, as I’m sure many people do.  There are so many things to do, places to go, and opportunities to experience.  It makes me dizzy!  I manage to maintain several hobbies on a fairly serious level, and am always entertaining thoughts of adding more.  High in my list of things I’d love to accomplish is learning to draw like these sketches.


They are enchanting and whimsical.  Just look at the bear tasting a ripe berry!  It’s fantastic!


Needless to say, with nearly 30 different signs, I was in heaven photographing them all and scenes of the garden.  It’s one of my favorite memories from the trip.


And we learned more about our Rocky Mountain flora – we had seen these flowers that seemed similar, but were distinctly different colors – and we wondered if maybe they were different plants.  Turns out, it’s the same plant, but it starts off a deep blue color and once it’s been pollinated it turns a vibrant purple.  A-ha!  Mystery solved!  That’s why it always pays to read the signage.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of these beautiful little works of art.  That they were scattered about a mountain garden with bees buzzing and plants growing up them only added to their charm.


Blessings to you,



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