Gift #875: Woods in August

I was able to spend a bit of time in my favorite local park this weekend enjoying some companionship with the woods.  It was a lovely, restful respite and I’m very grateful to have forested parks to visit frequently.  I love scouring the forest floor for treasures – there’s always a myriad of beautiful miracles to be found there.  And then there’s the trees above and birds in the skies…. and being in the forest is I think quite nearly my favorite thing to do.  (Ok, to knit in the forest would be my absolute favorite – if I had to draw the line).


This weekend the forest floor was resplendent in color and full of things to explore.   The last of the summer flowers are still bravely blooming.  Bees and other insects are busy storing up the last bit of nectar.


Although we had been through a dry spell, there were still a few mushrooms bravely pushing up their little heads above the decayed leaves and bits of bark.


A tiny visitor hopped by, but wasn’t particularly interested in chatting.  There’s a little toad camouflaged in there – can you see him?  He was skittish and rather camera-shy.


Leftover remains of tree nuts litter the ground and remind me of comical owl faces.


And then there were leaves….

image image

The signature of autumn is lightly traced in the veins of these leaves.  Summer’s grip is loosening and soon we’ll be seeing more of autumn’s colors leaking into the landscape.  As it’s my favorite time of year, that excites me!  But I don’t want it to come too soon… let us anticipate and thrill in the glory of a coming autumn.  I decorated my hat with a few leaves as I walked and will press them as a reminder of the way summer melts so gently into fall.

Blessings to you,


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