Gift #876: Road Trip

Today, very dark and early, I headed out on a road trip to visit my family.  15 hours later, i’m thankful to report that everyone arrived safely.  It rained most all the time, so I wasn’t able to get any pics of the scenery and today’s pictures are courtesy if a sunny afternoon in July.  (It’s what the sides of the road would have looked like had it not been pouring)


For the most part I enjoy road trips.  I’m rarely the one driving, so I suspect that’s why I like them.  It’s especially nice if there’s interesting scenery.  But I also look forward to the long hours of listening to music and knitting.  I’m not able to read anymore because I get motion sick, but I can tolerate knitting pretty well.  And let me just share this bit of life wisdom which has been reinforced today.  Always, always bring more projects than you can do.  I strayed from this and only brought a few projects and, in spite of planning ahead, my main project for the day was a bust.  Although I already swatched and printed the instructions for my size, once I got going, I knew I was going to need a smaller needle to make it work.  I’ll need to get one tomorrow – the Walmart I stopped in didn’t have one.  Fortunately I had a spare project or my sanity would have snapped.


Im looking forward to spending the next few days with lots of family… And dogs! Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Blessings to you,


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