Gift #879: Creative Imaginings

Whew!  What a week it has been!  Busy, long, and tiring and I’m sitting on my couch with a very long to-do list and no more energy.  I need to find a way to siphon off some of the energy of my 2-year old nephew!  He is so full of life and movement that it makes me jealous.  Why do children embrace life with such zest and excitement while adults just struggle to exist?  Life is hard and I think all of us envy the carefree nature of children at times.  I think that one of the differences that separates adults and children is that they spend the majority of time in play and adults don’t.  That could be why kids are so creative and energetic.  Playtime allows creativity to flourish; to imagine infinite possibilities is immensely freeing.  Purple hippopotamus.. you got it!  Flying to the moon…. no problem!  Finding time to play and imagine for an adult is hard work – but it’s important to make time to rejuvenate and fill our energy tanks with what makes us come alive.  This looks different for everyone, but for me it is in creating things.  I’m blessed to enjoy several hobbies that serve as an outlet for creativity – cards, jewelry, and knitting all bring me great pleasure.  In fact, just thinking about creating or looking at my supplies is enough to get me excited and work through whatever chore is in front of me so I can have time to play.


One of the reasons this is so empowering for me is that it allows an opportunity to create a story with my crafting.  With each object I create, I like to imagine its place and history, creating an existence for it.  I love browsing moodboards on pinterest for this reason – each collection of items has a story or emotion that it evokes and I love how it draws you in and makes you feel a part of it.  Consequently, when I found a poster at a knitting store featuring these pictures, I was immediately enchanted.


imageEach colorway of the collection of sock yarn had a different picture that captures the colors or feel of the yarn.  The line of yarns is called “Best Friends” and features a whimsical pairing of animals.


I loved the way that the yarn was immediately attached to a fanciful story – courting penguins, birds flying against the moon, elephants on a swing… each of these scenes thrills the imagination and makes me want to create something that feels as enchanting and beautiful!


What excites you and fills you with joy?  Make time for it this weekend.

Blessings to you,


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