Gift #881: Off the Needles

Once I typed the title I realized that it could be a new description of someone who’s a little crazy.  Like “one marble short”, this could be a key phrase to describe a knitter who has gone over the edge.  It’s not a self-indictment or anything.  (well, maybe it is).   I realized that it had been at least since before the Denver trip that I gave an update on what I had completed (actually even before then because I think my last post was a summary of what I was up to).  I’m happy to report that I do actually finish some projects, despite evidence to the contrary that I just compulsively start new ones.

First up is the pi shawl that I’ve been knitting since March.  I was fairly convinced that this was the project that would never end.  You double the number of stitches every so often so that near the end I had nearly 400 stitches per row!  That takes a long time to knit through.  Then once the body was finished, there was the border to tackle, which was picked up and knit at an angle to the body, so there were lots of little rows all the along the edge.  I ended up having to get another skein of yarn, but I love the finished shawl and it was definitely worth the time and effort.


I love the colors and it reminds me of a field of wildflowers as summer turns to autumn.  The grasses and stems fade to brown and the bright blooms age to a rusty pinks and plum purples.  I can’t wait for the weather to cool to start wearing it.

Next up was my magnum opus through the winter and spring and part of the summer.  I literally got it finished sometime in July right before the next knit-a-long started.  This is Snow Queen from Unique Sheep’s Feburary knit-a-long.  They create shawl patterns inspired by famous works of literature  that perfectly pair with their gradient-dyed yarns.  This was a custom dyed blend that went from pale purple to shades of blue, eventually lightening to cream.  It looks just like a snowflake, with a beautiful intricate lace pattern worked throughout and accented with tiny crystal beads.


Family friends were expecting a little girl, due in July, and I knit up this sweater for her to wear this winter.  The pattern is Double-breasted baby jacket and it’s knit in Liberty wool, a variegated superwash yarn that’s perfect for children’s wear because it’s easy-care.  I loved the purple/grey/cream/green color – and I found the perfect little green flower buttons for it.  It was my first time to knit a baby sweater.  The pattern was knit in pieces and then seamed.  (setting in baby sleeves is not fun, but I think it came out ok)


And then lastly is my precious sweater.  I saw this pattern on the cover of Interweave Knits spring issue and immediately loved it.  I found yarn in Columbus, IN from one of my favorite companies and decided this would be my main Colorado project.


I knit on it everywhere – and I do mean everywhere.  In all the mountain parks, in the gardens, waiting for Wicked, in the theater of Wicked during intermission, on the plane, in the hotel, at the museum…. I wanted every ounce of Denver wrapped up in this sweater.  The colorway was appropriately called moss, and every memory of green that covered the mountains is in the stitches. Moss and ferns draped the granite rocks of the mountains that I love, wild grasses and flowers carpeted the meadows and gardens, the deep green of ponderosa pines contrasted against the blue sky, and the vibrant green aspen leaves danced on their branches.  The “froggy, ferny cabbage” green of Wicked is knitted into the sweater too – all that luscious green on the props, backgrounds, and Elphaba herself.  Even the restaurant across from the theater where I knit outside is named “Limelight” and had bright green tables.  I love this sweater so much – it was a joy to knit as I linked stitch after stitch and memory after memory together into a wearable representation of my beloved Colorado.


Blessings to you,


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