Gift #885: New paths

This week I took the first steps of a path that I hope will be a long joyful one of discovery.  I’ve been so excited about this since I signed up in July, and I knew that one of my dreams would become a reality.  I’ve enrolled in a jewelry-smithing class and we had our first meeting this week!  I’ve been fascinated with making metal components and findings for a long time and it’s only been increasing.  It reached unbearable levels earlier this summer when I found a magazine that had tutorials for such beautiful projects featuring ruffled leaves and delicate flowers.  A friend had told me about taking a ceramics class at a local art studio and how much she enjoyed it, so I investigated and they had a class that just exactly met my needs this fall.

I’ve been anticipating this class for several months, quite like a giddy schoolgirl.  I pored over the syllabus and supply list and carefully had my supplies all packed away in my tote.  I’ve browsed pinterest for hours looking for inspiration and ideas to try during class.  Just like a dutiful student, I was primed and ready for some knowledge, complete with new notebook/sketchbook.


After our initial “first day stuff” of paperwork, introductions, safety orientation, etc.  we finally got to the nuts and bolts of our craft.  Our instructor brought out a variety of tools and explained their use.  She passed around examples of various metalworked pendants and jewelry projects to inspire us.  And then we settled in at our workstations for our first activity – learning how to use a jewelers saw.  The tool of interest is pictured above with my notebook – without the saw blade.  We spent a couple of hours learning how to insert the blades, hold the saw and metal properly, and to cut metal.  We had a sampler of different shapes and lines to practice with, and here’s my pieces below.


I’ve got a long way to go.  Cutting in a straight line was a challenge; turning corners needs more work too.  But it was so fun to learn something new and to realize I was taking my first baby steps into a brand new world just waiting to be explored and created.  It’s an exciting thing to stand on the threshold of a dream and imagine the possibilities once you cross over.  I know there will be lots of practice and “learning opportunities” (aka.  mess-ups) but I dearly hope that I will love this new craft and will embrace all the opportunities to learn and create in a new way.

Here’s one of the pieces from the magazine Easy Metal Jewelry that I aspire to.  The project is called Ruffled Hoops, designed by Melissa Meman, and features beautiful ruffled leaves formed into hoops and accented with glass  beads.  Maybe one day soon!!

ruffled hoopsBlessings to you,


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2 Responses to Gift #885: New paths

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Your excitement is palpable! It comes right through the page. Which means that you are on the right path – have fun with it!

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