Gift #886: Summer’s End or Autumn’s Beginning

Today was about as picture perfect as a day could get.  We had a cold front blow through and it was a bit cloudy and overcast this morning, but then the sun emerged this afternoon and lit up the world with a golden glow underneath grey clouds.  I’m fascinated by that phenomenon when the sun and clouds simultaneously share the atmosphere and cooperate to create a world of gold and silver.


It was the perfect melding of summer and autumn – one of those days when you can’t really tell which season is going and which is coming.  One of my favorite aspects of this time where summer and autumn walk hand in hand is the way they collaborate to imbue the wildflowers and grasses with such beauty.


My home is blessed to have many, many areas of native meadow vegetation which is left to grow all season without being mowed back.  In fields, along roads, fringing the forest areas… these areas come alive at this time of year.  The last of the wildflowers are still enjoying brilliant blooms, and the grasses and stalks have mellowed to rust and brown.  Most of the plants have seeded – and beautiful seed pods and tufts waft on the breeze.


I can spend hours admiring these beautiful plants – the richness of texture and color is brilliant.  They present an awful distraction when driving because I am watching them more than the road!  And every time I pass a bit of wild growth  I want to pull over and examine it closer.


These pictures were taken at 100 Acres Park adjacent to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  The grassy areas along the edges of the forest were a source of great pleasure because I could get close enough to savor every detail and take lots of pictures.


When I was selecting the photos to share for today’s blog post, I felt that the colors seemed rather familiar.  I pulled out the skeins of yarn I purchased today…..


Seems I was more influenced by the weather and wildflowers than I knew – the skeins look just like the meadows today – grey/blue sky, golden grasses, grey/brown seedpods, leaves taking up their autumn robes…

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1 Response to Gift #886: Summer’s End or Autumn’s Beginning

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautifully written and photographed, Sarah. I love how your choice of yarn was influenced by the earth and sky. You’re definitely connected! 🙂

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