Gift #889: Healing Garden

When we were in Cincinnati, we were able to visit Krohn’s Conservatory again since we had some time before the art museum opened.  This is a quaint conservatory that was quite popular during the turn of the century.  It has been restored and renovated into a lovely garden area in Eden Park.  One of the conservatories houses special exhibits.  Last time we visited, it was an orangery – complete with many varieties of lemon and orange trees.  This time the theme was “healing garden”.  I thought that it would be feature medicinal plants – and it did – but it was in a more holistic way that highlighted the ability of plants themselves to be restorative to mind and body.


It focused on how gardens appeal to all the senses – sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch.  For example, these terra cotta pots made whimsical versions of windchimes.


Likewise, these delicate glass bowls were beautiful to look at and made delicate tinkling noises as they gently collided with each other in the water currents.



There was a section on color and how to display colors of a warm or cool nature depending on the mood you wanted to portray.  Color wheels were provided for reference and plantings of different varieties of the same species illustrated how you could change the energy of a small space with color.  (I favored the cool tones)


A burlap banner along the front of the conservatory summarized the point of every garden – growth.  A garden is for growing things, nurturing them, coming to understand the complex inter-relatedness of the web of life, exploring colors and textures, and delighting in life.  The very act of caring for something is beneficial to the human spirit as well.  In tending a garden, we tend hearts – opening them up to the possibility of growth, healing, and joy.

Blessings to you,


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