Gift #897: Pumpkin Time!

It’s that time of the year again – time for pumpkins!  Yesterday my mom and I went on a day trip to Nashville, IN on our yearly quest of pumpkins.  It was only 45 degrees and rainy, but surprisingly there were still lots of people out picking their pumpkins.


We always go to Kelps Pumpkin Farm to get pumpkins because they have a great selection of varieties that you can’t easily find in town.  They had some new ones this year too – lots of beautiful blue-green pumpkins!  Oh, how my heart fluttered!


We filled the back of the car and most of the floor of the back seats with lovely orange, green, and white pumpkins and some great gourds too!  This weekend was the pumpkin farm’s fall festival – which meant they had some of their animals out.


I made friends with some goats.  The black one was very friendly – standing up on his hind legs and leaning out for pets.  He liked his ears rubbed.  One of the family members told us that he was like a big dog and was raised in the house as a baby until he got too big to stay indoors.  I was delighted to find corroboration that my fantasy of having an indoor pet pygmy goat might really work.


They had little pigs!!  This is the first time they’ve had pigs!  They were both pretty little and devastatingly cute!  These are my favorite pigs – black, hairy little nuzzlers.  They were not at all interested in looking up – they were far too busy rooting in the grass.


I always enjoy spending a bit of time with the donkey too.  He’s so gentle, with soft muzzle and I just love him.

After getting our pumpkins and petting the animals, we went into Nashville proper to see the town decorated for fall and to visit some of our favorite stores.  It was pretty crowded in town too, in spite of the rainy cold weather.  We were able to see lots of tourists out enjoying the shops…


It had been nearly a year since we were there last.  I’ve missed being there and it was great to visit with some of the store owners that we’re friends with.  The colors there are just starting to get vibrant, and we loved being able to admire the trees starting to change.



Wishing you a very wonderful fall weekend!

Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #897: Pumpkin Time!

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    What a fun trip. Decorating for fall really gets one in the mood for autumn. I like the prices on the pumpkins, ours are higher by almost 2X. Apparently, there is a fungus/virus? that’s been killing squash vines, so the crops aren’t as abundant, driving the prices up. 😦
    Those goats sure are cute! 🙂

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