Gift #900: Yellow woodland bough

The summer-flower has run to seed,

And yellow is in the woodland bough;

And every leaf of bush and weed

Is tipt with autumn’s pencil now”

– John Clare


A walk in the woods at Eagle Creek this weekend proved the veracity of the poet’s words.  The foliage was incredible – it’s within a week or two of reaching its peak.   It’s amazing how different microclimes respond differently.  I live just 10 miles or so away, but in the woods out back  just a few branches are starting to turn.  At the park trees, bushes, vines, and grasses were all on fire.


Everywhere you looked was a scene of incredible beauty.  We hiked the trail around the lake, which is a great one to do on cool autumn days.  You hike down a forested hill to the lake’s edge and then around and across the lake on a strip of walkway edged with glorious bushes and perennials.  It really shines this time of year.  Then the trail meanders back into the forest and up to the Ornithology Center – just in time for a bit of lunch and some knitting while watching birds and chipmunks.


I took loads of pictures, so you’ll be seeing the beauties of autumn for  quite some time.  Most of the trees color is of a golden hue with vines grasses and berries turning scarlet for contrast.  I love this time of year more than any other.    It seems the cooler weather invigorates all of nature – filling the canopies, ground cover, and the animals with renewed energy and life to enjoy all of God’s blessings in autumn.


Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #900: Yellow woodland bough

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    The autumn colors this year have been spectacular – so nice to see yours.

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