Gift #901: Halloween Package

I had a wonderful surprise this evening when I got home from work!  I participated again this year in a Halloween swap with Tiny Owl Knit group on Ravelry (an online community for knitters, crocheters, etc).  My package arrived today and I wanted to share the generosity and thoughtfulness of my swap partner.


She decorated the package with Halloween owl stickers and wrapped everything very festively.  The rules for swapping were to include a handknit item and a treat.  We have questionnaires that we fill out to guide the person who gets our name in putting together a package of what we’d like.  Here’s what she sent!


As you can tell, she went far and above the requirements!  Here’s a tour of what she sent.  First up, the eats:


She sent chocolate owl and Halloween bars, chocolate foil-wrapped leaves, and a salted caramel candy stick (which she thought would be yummy with the apple cider I love during fall).  And she’s right!

Then there were the treats!   Gel stickers, stamp set, and a leaf candle for festive Halloween.  She also gave me a sample of SOAK (for blocking handknits), some leafy buttons, and a jamberry pedi-wrap!


Isn’t that generous?  But we’re not done!!  She overwhelmed me with her kindness.  She also gifted me a skein of sock yarn in greens, purples, and teals.


It’s a beautiful woodsy skein and I’m already anticipating what to knit with it.  It’s 462 yards – a generous amount for a shawl or long socks (if I’m brave) or maybe hat and gloves….

And I’ve saved the best for last.  She knit me a pair of legwarmers from a Tiny Owl pattern I’ve had in my favorites for a while.  It’s called “Some Cloudy Day”.


She knit them with one of my favorite yarns – Malabrigo Finito.  It’s a soft, plumed wooly yarn – it feels just like a cloud.  The colors are shades of autumn dusk – purple, gray, and bronze.  They’re just lovely and I can’t wait to wear them on a hike.  In the meantime, I’m cuddled up with them on the couch.


Thanks for sharing some Halloween goodness with me.  I’m very grateful for the kindness and thoughtfulness of my swap partner in giving me such a wonderful package.  I’ll show you what went to my partner in an upcoming post.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #901: Halloween Package

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Wow, what fun to have a swap. Your partner went over the top, generously showering you with wonderful gifts. Christmas in October!

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