Gift #904: Chicken Sitting

Some friends asked if I would mind checking in on their chickens and feeding/watering them while they were out of town for the weekend.  Mind??  Were they crazy?  Of course I wouldn’t mind!  I’d pay to take care of them for a while!  I don’t have chickens of my own (My neighborhood labors under the delusion that they are livestock, not pets).   One day they’ll see the light I hope. How can you not want to encourage the presence of such birds?


Anyway, I was delighted to be asked and enjoyed taking care of them very much.  They were quite gentle and made delicate little clucks and bird-like purrs when I went to see them.  I was warned they might try to get out when I opened the pen and I was a bit concerned about that, so I tried to be very careful to keep in front of the coop when opening it.  They seemed very excited to see me, but I expect it was the prospect of food that excited them.


They were very hungry today!  They’d eaten all their food and attacked the food bowl and corn with veracious appetite when I brought it to them.  Very polite chickens, they did stop to say thank-you before diving back into the dinner bowl.


Aren’t they pretty girls?  They were chicks early this spring.  I can’t believe how quickly they grew up!  They are laying 5-6 eggs a day now and I was invited to take the eggs from the days that I watched them.  Yay!


Beautiful eggs aren’t they!  Oh,  I love those brown ones!  So perfect!  The little dears laid 11 eggs over the weekend and I feel like a leprechaun with a pot of treasure.  11 eggs to enjoy!  It was delightful to spend time with the chickens and to take care of them – they were very sweet.


Someone’s watching you!

Blessings to you,


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  1. Chicken love! What a nice blog with great photos.

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