Gift #905: Lake Views

It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life. The rich colours of grass and earth were intensified by the mellow light of a sun almost warm enough for spring…”  -P.D. James


I am struck by the simplicity of light in the atmosphere in the autumn, as if the earth absorbed none, and out of this profusion of dazzling light came the autumnal tints.”  – Henry David Thoreau


A stroll around a lake in high autumn when the sun warms the tinted and faded foliage is a special joy in life.  I love making this circuit around Eagle Creek in the fall.  The abundance of grasses and shrubs makes for a dazzling display.  It usually takes a couple of hours to get around the loop because I’m stopping every two feet or so for another picture.


The light had warmed and mellowed the tones so that it almost felt like looking at photographs of faded autumns past.  Heightened by the shimmering water, lake and land portrayed a lavish landscape.  It was a walk to be remembered and savored.

Wishing you many days of long walks full of sun and colored leaves.


Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #905: Lake Views

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    The light is especially lovely this time of year. Looks like a wonderful place to walk!

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