Gift #906: Autumn Forests

Don’t you just love autumn?  I’ve just returned from my annual pilgrimage to Spring Mill State Park.  It is absolutely beautiful every time of the year, but it’s extra special during fall.  It was a glorious long weekend full of forests and leaves and hikes.  Long trails wind round the roots of trees that have stood there hundreds of years in some of the only untouched virgin forests in our state.  We visited favorite places, made new memories, and were awed by the beauty of another season.


Ever autumn there is a different experience.  The forests are unique: the patterning of colors always changing, the textures of moss and fallen leaves weave forest-floor tapestries, the smells are always shifting from smoke to decaying leaves to fresh breeze, the air can be cold and bracing or gentle and warm.


This year the forest wore a subdued, hazy autumn gown.  Colors melted from yellow to green to orange, with flashes of red, and tempered with brown.  It was dreamy, with a watercolor feeling of nostalgia.


I’m sure every year I say that the woods had never looked so lovely, but I”ll say it again this year too and mean every word of it – I’ve never seen them so beautiful, so wistful, so capable of drawing you into an endless feeling of autumn afternoons.


Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #906: Autumn Forests

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    I love the woods and decorated in the colors of the fall is the best!

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