Gift #911: Autumn Garden

How quickly time passes once we reach the latter half of the year.  I can scarcely believe that we are several days into November!  My beloved October passed all too quickly and part of me does not even believe it’s already come and gone.  Our gardens don’t believe it either.  Periods of warmth have confused the plants late in their life cycle and many seem uncertain of what’s expected of them.  They’re hybrids of autumn and summer with their leaves in the pale, tattered rags of spent green, but still blooming.  It looks somewhat comical.



I do adore gardens and meadows at this time of year because I find seedpods to be so interesting and beautiful.   I consider them autumn’s flowers and in many ways I love them just as much as flowers.  Berries and seeds are architectural miracles and I’m fascinated by them.





I hope you enjoyed these tiny marvels too.  That last photo is my favorite.  I’m not sure what plant it is, but those twisty pods curled over themselves are just amazing!  Did you spot the burgundy seeds peeping out?

Blessings to you,


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