Gift #922: Mellow Transitions

I’m not sure what to blog about today.  It’s that awkward time of year where I don’t have any winter or seasonal photos to share yet, and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to share them so early because we’ll be seeing that sort of thing till March.  So even though it’s snowing outside tonight, I’m still not fully surrendered to winter.  I do have some finished projects, but I need to take photos in better light than what I have right now.  And as I look through what photos I do have, I notice that I’ve got about 400 fall pics that I haven’t shown yet.  So I decided I’d just post all those here tonight…  Just kidding!


I liked this set of photos because it seems to capture that transition between seasons.  There’s a few leaves left, but skeletal branches are taking over.  The sky is warm and inviting, but you can sense a mellow coolness in the air.


What do you think about that in-between time of seasons?  Do you find yourself longing for the time that has passed or eagerly anticipating the coming one?  I tend to want to hang on to the season that’s on it’s way out, especially with fall.  For obvious reasons.


I try to soften the blow of whatever the calendar brings by recounting things I like about what’s coming up next.  This is especially important for when winter comes because I find long stretches of cloudy, dark weather hard to bear.  Right now I’m reminding myself that the coming winter months mean twinkle lights in the living room, turning on the fire, sipping hot chocolate, reading while snuggled in a blanket, watching the snow (not driving in it), and lots of fuzzy knitting!  Soon the scene below will be covered in snow and ice crystals, and that’s going to be beautiful too.  Just wait and see!


Blessings to you,


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2 Responses to Gift #922: Mellow Transitions

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Funny that you mention that you tend to hold onto the seasons, reluctant to shift into the new one. I’m that way, too, except for spring, which I am always ready for way before it comes!

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