Gift #926: Old-fashioned Christmas

This weekend my mom and I went to Zionsville to enjoy the town decorated for Christmas.  I’m an old soul and I love the simple joys of Christmas.  This is one of my favorite local areas to visit because it’s full of old-fashioned charm and character.  The houses in the residential area are beautiful and architecturally interesting, with lots of gingerbread trim.  The main street is still paved in bricks and stately buildings now house lots of shops, restaurants, and art galleries.  Gardens and benches along main street encourage you to slow your pace, linger, and enjoy the sights and sounds.


Zionsville is exceptionally lovely at Christmastime when fresh boughs of holly and evergreen fill every window box and are draped along every fence and light post.  Christmas songs fill the air and if you’re lucky you can hear a troupe of carolers stroll past.  Windows are filled with artificial snow, evergreens, and ornaments.


I especially loved this decorated fence with old pairs of skates on either side of the gate.   The skates reminded me of my Nana.  She loved old skates and would often tell me about how she and her sisters would pull on their pairs and go ice skating on the lake at winter.


Even though we had unseasonably balmy weather this weekend in the 60s, it still felt festive.  Of course there’s a neighborhood knitting store, which is a delight to roam about in, admire beautiful yarn, and dream of future projects.


I hope that you are all catching Christmas spirit and enjoying the delights of the season.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #926: Old-fashioned Christmas

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Perfect for getting in the Christmas mood!

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