Gift #940: Welcome 2016

Happy New Year everyone!  Today we welcome in 2016, full of things that have never been (Rainer Marie Rilke).  It’s hard to believe that the earth as completed a circuit around the sun and here we are already in January again!


I spent the whole day at home, lounging about in my PJs till after 1pm!  I did a bit of cleaning and organizing and a lot of crafting.  It was wonderful to have a slow relaxing day – there aren’t too many of those and I like to take advantage of them when they come along.  The big accomplishment of the day was I wound 8 balls of yarn without a single mishap!


I haven’t done much with new year resolutions in the past.  It’s a bit weird that I don’t, given my proclivity to writing lists 🙂  I thought for this year I’d write out some of my goals (they’re not resolutions – just things that I’d like to do in 2016)  This will help me be more organized in the coming year, remember to focus on what’s important, and let me write a list!  First, my spiritual health goals:  In 2015 God really started to open my eyes to understanding His love for me, how He wants me to relate to Him, and fueling a deeper desire to know Him more.  I’m praying that He continues to show me more of how He loves me and that my heart will rest in His love as the source of all joy.  I want to see Him more beautiful, more holy, more desirable than I did this year.   I want the truth that I am loved to change my heart, my attitude, my speech, my actions.  To that end, I’m also praying that God will teach me to really see others – to be aware of those He brings into my life – and to give them my attention and heart.   One of the ways I plan to minimize focusing on myself and give that energy to others instead is by spending more time on facebook.  That feels weird to write, when many people are trying to cut down on the time they spend on social media.   But in our day and age, Facebook is a prime way to stay engaged in the lives of family and friends – especially those I don’t see often.  Reading their posts on social media will keep them in close at hand, reminding me to pray for them, and providing a way that I can be an encouragement.

My physical health goals are continuations of last year.  I found a treadmill that I can use at work while doing computer-based tasks, and I plan to use it a couple of times each week.  I love hiking outside and am hoping that this year I can visit some new parks, especially some state parks I haven’t been to before.  I also need to work on my posture and strengthening my core muscles because I’ve started having some back pain and want to do all I can to keep strong, healthy muscles.  I’d like to try making my own hummus this year – there are tons of variations and it’s easy to make and so tasty!  I don’t know why I have never made it before, but 2016 is going to be the year.  Also, I’d like to make more fruit/veggie smoothies.

My mental health goals are actually my crafting ones.  I love creating things and this is the way I unwind and recharge.  I’m going to take another metalsmithing class this spring, which I’m very excited about.  And I plan to continue participating in online jewelry design challenges as well as creating jewelry inspired by my calendar. For several years, I made cards each month that were sent to various charities as part of Cards for a Cause.  I fell out of the habit late last year when things got hectic.  This is a wonderful way to share love with those in need using the talents and supplies God has blessed me with.  So participating in that each month will be a priority.  I plan to keep knitting each day and would like to make some pairs of socks and learn brioche stitching this year.  I’m participating in a few knit a longs that I’m excited about and have a never-ending queue of projects I can’t wait to knit.  I was going to make a goal to only have 2-3 projects at a time, but quickly dismissed that as nonsensical.  Instead, I cast on two new projects today!  One is a hellebore-inspired lace shawl.


My mom saw the kit and really wanted us to knit it together, so I gave it to her as a birthday present.  It was supposed to start in Dec, but we had a busy month, so we spent time together today winding the yarn and getting started.  I’m looking forward to doing this with her when we get opportunities to knit together.  Hers is knit in the green and I’m the pink one.  The second project I started is a knit-a-long lace shawl inspired by the book, Wrinkle in Time.  Here’s my yarn – patiently waiting.


Clue 1 came out today and is 60 rows long, so I better get busy!  Enough chatter about planning for the new year – let’s live it to the fullest!

Blessings to you,

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