Gift #944: Christmas package received

Today I’ll share with you the Christmas package I received my Tiny Owl Swap.  My box winged its way across the continent from San Francisco and was decorated with hand-drawn sketches and Christmas greetings.   And here were my gifts all festively wrapped!  Yay!  (I still feel like a 5-year old when I get a package)


My sweet owlie (that’s what we call each other since we belong to Tiny Owl Group) sent me a personalized mix of her favorite Christmas music –  I was charmed by this idea – it was very thoughtful.  We have similar tastes: the first part is acoustic guitar Christmas carols and the second was a choir singing Medieval Christmas canticles.  Oh, I love it!  She also sent me a can of chocolate bits for stirring into hot chocolate to make it extra rich and yummy.  And now for the really good stuff:  she sent me some amazing knitted items.

She had wrapped up a couple of souvenir cups from the zoo, which I was happy enough with as I can always use a drink on the go, but then I thought to look inside.  And wowzer!!!  Inside each was a perfect felted Amanita mushroom.  My favorite of all fungi (and you know I adore any kind of mushroom!)  They are so detailed and realistic!!  Each of them has their own personality and their caps flair out in the most fetching manner.  I have them sitting on a yule log on the coffee table.  The cutouts in the log are to hold votive candles, but I think they’re better suited for mushrooms.


I’ve loved looking at them while I sit on the couch knitting.  And in my last package was a pair of hand-knit mitts of exquisite beauty.  They are in my favorite colors – teal, green, brown, with highlights of golden tarnished yellow and they are trimmed in silk yarn of the same colors.


They are knit in an unusual construction, with the body of the mitt knit top to bottom.  Then stitches along the length of the mitt are picked up and fabric knitted across the wrist and hand in a feather/fan lace pattern.  The panel is held in place by 14 buttons on each mitt.  My swapper did an incredible job and I admire her fortitude in sewing on 28 buttons for a pair of mitts.  She told me later that she had knit the smallest size, measured them and decided they were still going to be too big, ripped them out and reworked the pattern to make them smaller for me.  Wasn’t that sweet?  I was stunned by her thoughtfulness in creating such a perfect package for me.  I’m still awed by it and how beautiful everything she made is.  I will definitely be participating again next year.


Blessings to you,


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2 Responses to Gift #944: Christmas package received

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    What lovely gifts! The mushrooms are adorable and the mitts are so elegant. I really admire the handiwork, it seems quite complicated.

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