Gift #949: Back in September

While temperatures sit solidly in the teens (as the high) I find myself increasingly tempted to look with longing upon the spent summer months when it was 70 degrees warmer.  Truth be told, I do like a cold winter because it’s good for curling up on the couch, knitting, drinking hot beverages, reading, and general “staying at home” behavior.  I do have bouts of “stir-crazies” though because I love being outside and hiking and one can’t do that when it’s 15 with 3 inches of snow on the ground.  So  I remind myself that each season is unique and special and… when is it going to be spring again???


In the midst of recalling the heated, sunny days of past summer, I recalled that I had grown lax in blogging about my monthly jewelry efforts and I still had September’s to show.  Ahh September… a glorious month when days are long and warm and the barest tinges of autumn color seep into the leaves.  It’s the time when you can soak up sun and enjoy the tang of an early apple.  My calendar art for September was supremely southwestern-inspired with peachy flowers and a lizard!  He’s is no decidedly rejoicing in the heat of a flat rock in the brilliant sunshine of a garden.  As I look back at this picture now, it reminds me of a scene that Gustave Baumann might have found in his Santa Fe garden.  He would no doubt have had lizards year-round and I’m sure he would have appreciated their finer qualities.  I did see a wood-cut print that he made of his garden and it was full of bright cheerful flowers and adobe walls and looked just like a desert oasis.


The jewelry needed to feature reptiles – no doubt about it – but I was at a loss to find a suitable lizard.  The ones I did find were huge, gaudy with imitation gems, and completely without charm.  So I decided to go with some little turtle charms that I had – they are still reptiles and I can claim artistic license.    I had a lovely vine-shaped brass piece , and the leaves mimicked the shape of the foliage in the painting, so I attached the turtle to the vine and made a slightly asymmetrical focal.  The rest of the necklace was filled in with czech glass beads from my collection.  They are full of the sage green, peaches, and bronze colors of the painting.  I love how all the colors blend and mingle with each other and give a warmth and richness to the necklace.


The earrings are long, dangly creations with a turtle captured within a large jump-ring as the focal and wire wrapped czech beads on brass earwires.  I’m especially fond of the glass leaves because they are a soft green color with peach/beige veins which perfectly bring out the peach tones in the palette.  The czech glass rondelles are some I bought many years ago that are a mix of transparent and opaque green glass with a hint of blush.  They are mesmerizing and I was happy to find such a perfect use for them.

So go forth to meet the cold blasts of winter armed with the knowledge that warm summer days filled with flowers and soft breezes will be coming our way again and lizards will visit us once more.

Blessings to you,



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One Response to Gift #949: Back in September

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful work, Sarah. I love those tiny turtles!

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