Gift #950: A Taste of Summer

The stamping magazine that I submit my cards to operates 6 months ahead of reality.  That’s pretty normal for the publishing world, or any kind of designing really – you need to start prepping for a season well in advance.  But it’s a little strange for me to think that way as I tend to enjoy creating based upon the season I’m experiencing.  Because of this schedule, upon the turning of the year, I found myself busily creating summer-inspired cards.  This is not a problem when I need to create fall cards in spring – I can create fall cards anytime, anywhere because part of my heart always resides in fall.  However, summoning up images of hot sunny days and bright flowers is a bit of a challenge when faced with dreary skies, withered brown leaves, and the occasional blanket of snow.


The card template we had to design with featured a tag shape – I was excited about this as I had just unearthed some die-cuts in tag shapes with seasonal quotes on them.  I used two on cards for this series because they were just perfect.


I’m  especially fond of the quote on this card – “One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”   Pink, yellow, and green are such happy colors together.  This card makes me smile.


I tried to use bright colors for this set of cards.  You’ll note that although I hate working with red, I do love coral tones and find that I tend to use this color quite frequently, especially paired with aqua and kraft.  It’s a trendy combination and in this card, I used patterned papers with that color scheme and stamped several feathers as the focal point.  These feathers are great and I’ve even used these stamps to cut some feathers out of copper for use in a jewelry project.


This is the last card I’ll share today.  I think it is my favorite of all that I made for submission this time round.  I bought this stamp set and several other coordinating ones from Darcie’s Stamps in Cincinnati last August at the stamp convention.  I loved the floral, sketchy look of these stamps – they are perfect for coloring in with inks and a watercolor brush.  I’m still deciding if I’m on board with the arrow trend but I like the way that motif plays in the stamp and background paper.  It makes for an encouraging, happy card.

I’ve decided that making summer cards in winter is a wonderful occupation.  It’s an anticipation of joy to come and for that I’m grateful.

Blessings to you,


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6 Responses to Gift #950: A Taste of Summer

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    These are marvelous, Sarah. I didn’t realize that you make cards for a publisher. Which one?

  2. raphaela99 says:

    They are beautiful!

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