Gift #953: Heading outside

This weekend we had a great thaw and temperatures climbed up into the 50s!   It seemed all the city poured outside to remember what the outdoors looked and felt like.  For weeks and weeks it’s been way to cold to enjoy anything of nature and it starts to drive me stir-crazy.  I must be outside and near trees on a regular basis.  So on Saturday, my mom and I packed a picnic and set out for Eagle Creek Park.


Now the one downside of having a brief reprieve from freezing temperatures in January is that you expect it to be spring tomorrow.  Newsflash…. it won’t be.  It won’t be for several more months and the weather is going to get cold again.  I went to the park hoping to see a few signs of spring.  There wasn’t much.  Truthfully, I knew there wouldn’t be so it wasn’t a great disappointment, and I did find much beauty in the still, sleeping forest… even if it wasn’t green.


This is the point in the year where I start to go green-crazy.  I love green, I miss green, and I must have green very soon!!  I think God understands this and so even in the depths of winter He gives flashes of green.  Evergreens and moss are a great gift in January while we wait for the trees to think about waking up.


I’m in love with this feathery moss.  It’s thick and lush and looks like tiny ferns.  I’ve not seen it anywhere else but here and every time I run across it, I’m sorely tempted to dig it up and take it home.  I don’t, but it’s so pretty I would love to have it growing in the flower beds.


There was one brave little plant peeking its tiny leaves out and seeing what life might be like above the soil.  I hope he tells his friends it’s ok to come out too.

Blessings to you,


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