Gift #969: Yarn Love

I mentioned in my last post that I’m getting a bit impatient for green to arrive.  Nature is not on board with manifesting anything green for several more weeks, so I turn to alternative sources.  The obsession with green manifests itself most strongly in the quest for yarn.  Last year at this time I went a bit berserk and bought a ton of green yarn on a trip to Columbus, IN.  Apparently I intend for that to become a yearly tradition.  Yesterday my mom and I went to visit a couple of yarn stores north of Indianapolis and several green skeins came home.  I wasn’t consciously planning to buy green yarn, but I my desire for green compels:  if the outdoors can’t conjure up green, my knitting needles can.  I can knit green leaves while waiting for the trees to unfurl theirs.  Here’s the new skeins:


I’m very excited about the Swan’s Island yarn.  I’ve been wanting to try their yarns and there aren’t many local stores that carry the brand – this is is maybe the 2nd time I’ve seen it.  At a generous 525 yards per skein, 2 is plenty to make a sweater.  I’m loving the softly variegated tones of pine greens.


These skeins were a case of my hands pulling yarn off the shelves without me even really noticing.  The skein on the left was a beautiful bit of sage greens mixed with warmer greens and gold.  It is appropriately called Woodland.  Of course that was a no-brainer.  Any yarn named Woodland can have a home with me.  The skein on the right also jumped off the shelf into my hands, begging to be paired with Woodland.  It’s colors complemented the other so well that I couldn’t refuse.  Looks like a match made in a forest!

The addition of green into my project queue will be most welcome because at it stands right now, only 1 of my current 7 projects have green.  Shocking, I know.  Right now I seem to be on a taupe trend, obviously inspired by a winter palette.  Observe the projects below:


In the back is a sweater front from the pattern Cabled Leaf by Alana Dakos.  I’ve got all the knitting done and just need to seam it up!  The project on the right is a fall project i started at Spring Mill State Park last October.  The edging is taking quite a while, but I love it.  The body of the shawl is a fabulous mix of gray, brown, rust, and hints of gold.   The most recent project was started on my most recent visit to Spring Mill a few weekends ago.  It’s my Christmas present from my parents and will become a lovely sweater coat.  It’s also taupe with flecks of grey and blue.


I also finished up a sweater a month or so ago.  I had started this last fall as well and enjoyed knitting it up.  The yarn started off a beautiful silvery, taupe color with hints of mauve.  Once I soaked and blocked it, the color bled ferociously and it ended up being a rather harsher golden brown with purple overtones.  It’s still a pretty color, but vastly different than what I imagined.   So you can see, with all this brown coming on and off the needles, it’s more than time for a bit of green to make an appearance again.  Must decide on a new project…

Blessings to you,



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