Gift #970: Of Mushrooms and Rooflines

Today I have a bit more green to share with you.  It’s an October green – faded, dusty, and filled with gold.  This was the calendar art for October, which I’m just now getting around to sharing.  I’m going to try to get caught up within the next few weeks.


Oh what bliss!  To create with mushrooms in a rich, earthy palette of greens and golds.  I was made for such things!  I planned right from the start to use a large bronze mushroom as the focal point and then filled in with a collection of czech glass beads and leaves.  There’s quite a story about that mushroom – it was part of a collection Michaels released several years ago, but only in select stores.  I hunted all over for that collection – through several states as I travelled that year.  It felt like a treasure hunt.


I love the feel of this necklace.  It reminds me of fallen logs in the midst of autumn.  Warm sunlight filters through mist and the rich scent of humus rises from the ground.  Decayed leaves with delicate traces of veins barely visible lay on the ground and muted mushroom caps poke up between them.  The greens and browns are very muted, and the necklace is almost more about form and shape than color.  I used several czech glass beads, leaves, and flowers accented with silver and bronze spacers.  I wanted a more organic feel than chain could provide, so I used faux leather cord.


Here are the earrings: I love the Czech glass used in these pieces.  They are beautifully mottled with various shades of brown, earth, and green.  Most of these came from a lovely bead shop in town which has since gone out of business.

As I was prepping for this blog post and going through photos, I noticed that this piece of artwork was very similar and my jewelry looks like it could have just as easily been inspired by this:


Do you recognize it?  I shared it with you a while back on my first Gustave Baumann post.  “Treehouse” by Baumann was an enchanting watercolor sketch he created during his days in Nashville.  Wee folk are busy about their construction of a toadstool home at the base of a tree while a bird perches on the roof, looking either amused or annoyed about the situation.  Maybe he had designs on the property.    Or maybe he’s just on the market for a bigger mushroom.

Blessings to you,




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3 Responses to Gift #970: Of Mushrooms and Rooflines

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    I love the leaves on the earrings a lot! Very sweet Baumann print.

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