Gift #972: Spring? Maybe?

I’m sitting here on the couch seaming up a sweater, waiting for paint to dry on a jewelry component for a piece I’m working on, and watching Maltese Falcon…. again.  I love this movie.  Absolutely love it!  We won’t discuss how many times I’ve actually watched it within the past week.  I think my favorite scene of the movie is (spoiler alert!) when they realize the statue is a fake.  One of the hardened criminals (Peter Lorre) gets so mad about it that he yells at the head criminal and then starts crying.  He collapses onto a nearby chair weeping and sniffling until the head guy comes up with a new plan….”we’ll go look for the original”.  He chokes back tears enough to say “I’m coming with you”  – I find it absolutely hilarious.  I don’t know if it was meant to be funny, but his reaction is so incongruous with his character that it always gives me the giggles.

I’m over half-way done with seaming up the sweater I started over Christmas.  This was supposed to be my winter sweater and I think I’ll have it ready about the time that spring comes to town.  At least, I hope spring will be coming soon.  Maybe I’ll sneak in a quick wearing of it before putting it away for next winter.  I’m excited at the prospect of finally finishing a project.  I’ve had so many as “works in progress” that it will be good to have one done and to focus on getting some others wrapped up too so I can start some lighter-weight springtime projects.


We’ve been having schizophrenic weather – one day it’s warm, the next we have a chance of snow, cold… warm… and then cold again.  After tomorrow we’ll start a warming trend into the 60s which will be nice.  I’m looking forward to spring so much.  Hardy little plants have started to creep up.


These bulbs were sprouting up at Spring Mill several weeks ago – by now I expect they’re starting to bloom.  We also found this beauty peeking up amongst the leaf litter.


I’m not sure, but I think it could be ladyslipper.  I’m hoping if we go back in the spring that we might catch the ladyslippers in bloom.  That would be amazing!  Oh, how I’m dreaming of flowers and warm breezes and sunshine!  Soon, very soon….


Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #972: Spring? Maybe?

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    I know what you mean about trying to finish winter projects before spring comes. I’ve been working on a quilt, which is so warm on the legs, I’m wondering if I will finish it before the weather turns too warm to work on it. Like I’m racing the clock!

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