Gift #974: Thoughts on Spring

Is it Friday yet?  Good heavens, it’s been quite a week so far!  I don’t mind saying I’m more than ready for another weekend. So far I’ve managed to crawl home from work and stare in a comatose state on my couch.  Occasionally I work up enough energy to scroll through my instagram feed, looking at pictures of people who are actually doing something.  My knitting is calling and I’m debating on whether or not I can hold it up long enough to get some stitches in.  Maybe I should consider energy drinks… or vitamins.


At any rate though, we had a lovely day and I was able to walk outside for a bit on the way home from work.  It crested near 70 today and we’re supposed to be in the 60s for the next 10 days, and that will be most welcome.  It was sunny most of the day and I encountered three delightful harbingers of spring:

  1. I saw crocuses in bloom in the courtyard at work (they weren’t there yesterday, but they were today! It’s magic!)
  2. I smelled fresh mulch on the way home.  Several medians had gotten a treatment today so they looked spruced up and ready for plants.
  3. I ventured a look at the hellebores.  If you’ll recall they started sprouting and budding in January and promptly were severely damaged by freezing temps.  The foliage is still ratty, but there’s a bunch of new buds and new leaves on most all of the plants.  Hooray!

It’s exhilarating to see more signs of the earth waking up.  We’ve also been seeing lots of bluebirds and robins at the feeders and in the yard.  Although I’m sad to see the juncos go – they’re one of my favorite birds and only come in the winter.


All these “spring moments” are making me anxious for hikes in the woods.  These pictures came from Spring Mill – more indications of the ground cover returning to growth.  I love the burgundy clover and the contrast it makes with the bright green ferns.


I brought home a collection of natural treasures.  Gnarly sticks, acorns, feathers, lichen, and seedpods all found their way into my pockets and at home on my “curio cabinet” shelf.  Some of these pieces are (hopefully) destined for my electroplater.  I procured one in late January and have successfully plated a handful of acorns and sticks.  I needed to get some thicker wire to keep the pieces in solution better and that came in the mail today, so now it’s time to start more practicing on the unit.  I’ve got quite a collection of natural objects that I’d love to transform into jewelry and electroplating is a great way to do that.

Here’s wishing all of you sweet moments of spring this week.

Blessings to you,



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1 Response to Gift #974: Thoughts on Spring

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Exciting times! 🙂

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