Gift #975: Winter in Taos

Well, happy day – I’ve finally finished a knitting project!  I started it over Christmas, made up nearly the whole front in less than a week, and then things languished once I got home and was juggling multiple projects.  It was my traveling project as the pattern was simple and didn’t require too much thinking.  (It’s always good to have at least one of these projects in your knitting arsenal).


The pattern is Cabled Leaf Pullover by Alana Dakos.  My bucket list for knitting is to make every one of her patterns. I love them all.  It is knit from Berocco Vintage (a favorite yarn) in the color “oats”.  This is a beautiful color – a mottled taupe and gray.  It’s perfect for a cozy winter sweater.  I’m telling myself that I don’t require 4 more sweaters made out of this yarn.  I’m calling my finished sweater “Winter in Taos”.  Last January I spent a week in Taos for a work conference.  The color and casual nature-inspired design reminded me of the old city and the mountains that surround it.  Most of the buildings are adobe, and the city feels like it erupted from the earth itself.


I was reminded of my visit to Taos as I visited Gustave Baumann’s exhibit.  He spent a few years in Taos as well, having been urged to the town by his artist friends.  Taos was (and still is) a great haven for artists and it was a real experience to be in a town so influenced by the arts.  Baumann loved painting the dramatic landscapes around Taos, but didn’t settle there because he found the city overcrowded and touristy.  However, from his first moments there he formed a great love of the southwest and his visit to Taos changed him forever.


These are some of the gouache paintings that Baumann did while staying in Taos.  My sweater is named in honor of Baumann’s time in this town.  It’s also a special connection to him because I brought this sweater to the exhibit and knitted on it for a couple of afternoons.  I thought it seemed like something Baumann would like.  In fact, one of the many times my mom and I were there, we were knitting in our “usual” spot and the security guard came over to us, recognizing us from several weekends of visiting.  He grinned at us and said (teasingly) “I’m sorry you ladies haven’t really enjoyed this exhibit..”  He talked to us for a while about Baumann’s woodcuts and was pleased that we were so enchanted with his work and loved the exhibit.


Although I didn’t get the sweater finished to wear to the exhibit, I take pleasure in knowing I worked its stitches in the company of Baumann and his wonderful art.  I did finish up the sweater just before the last cold day we had – and was able to wear it that Saturday.  That’s probably the only time I’ll get to wear it till this autumn.  It will be waiting for me as the leaves start to brown and fall, reminding me again of a winter in Taos.


Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #975: Winter in Taos

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    It’s beautiful, Sarah! And I love how it ties in to your Taos visit and the Baumann exhibit.

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