Gift #976: Flowers appear on the earth

There’s a verse I’ve always been found of in Song of Solomon that says “The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.”  Most other translations refer to the voice of the turtledove being heard, but I’m fond of the Old English translation that makes me wonder what the voice of a turtle would sound like.  It’s charming, no?


For some weeks we’ve been hearing bird song and the goldfinches are brightening up to their lemon yellow color.  But this weekend we started to see flowers appearing on the earth again.


My mom and I made a brief trip to the art museum to see an exhibit at the greenhouse that was wrapping up soon.  Since the weather was fine, we walked the grounds and saw signs of spring everywhere!  I even got my pants muddy kneeling down in the dirt to see the little shoots poking up.


And we saw lots of hellebores in bloom!  I’m hopeful that the ones at home will be opening soon.  They are full of buds and I’m anxious for them to open.  Some trees and bushes have started to bud out too.  It’s so exciting to see the emergence of spring and the return of green to our landscape!  I didn’t hear any turtles, but I’m keeping a sharp ear out for them… just in case they start singing.


Blessings to you,



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