Gift #979: First Day of Spring

Welcome Spring to 2016!  We’re so happy to have you back!   And how clever of you to have timed your entrance to Palm Sunday.  I love it when natural events and holy days coincide.  It feels like nature is celebrating along with us as we enter Easter week.  Although today was a bit nippy and we have dipped below freezing again at night, today was a bright and sunny day and more and more signs of spring are to be found.


I’m elated because all but 1 of our beloved hellebores made it through the winter and they are earning their name, Lenten Rose, by blooming already, even with an earlier Easter.  They are my favorite flower and I think they are so breathtakingly beautiful.  They stop me in my tracks anytime I see them.  Local grocery stores are starting to get some in too and we’ve acquired a new variety.  It’s called Pale Prints and they are creamy lime green blooms that fade into dusky rose.  Hellebores are utterly entrancing because most of the blooms change color as they age and it’s like you have new flowers all the time.


Bulbs have flowered out, and I noticed the magnolia bush and almond bushes are filled with little pink buds just waiting to open.  In celebration of spring’s arrival and Palm Sunday I made scones – strawberry basil with a touch of black pepper.  It was a new recipe in the Midwest Living magazine.  They came out pretty well and tasted full of fresh spring flavors.  I also noticed that I was not knitting anything green at the moment (gasp!  that’s not right!), so I wanted to start a new project today.  I’ve started swatching for a leafy cardigan made from wool that was hand-dyed by my friends who own Nomad Knits.  The yarn is a beautiful, delicate spring green dyed from hibiscus plants that grow at their shop.  I love it!


I’m wishing you all the happiest of spring days and a Happy Palm Sunday.  Stop back by tomorrow – I’ll be sharing a few posts this week leading up to Easter.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #979: First Day of Spring

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Such pretty hellebores! Happy Spring!

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