Gift #980: Road to Easter #1

I’ve been spending the better part of two months debating what to blog about in anticipation of Easter Sunday.  I like to focus the content of my blog towards Easter for the week leading up to it as it’s such a special day to me.  I was rather at a loss until a few weeks ago sitting in church and then the answer came.  Our pastor was introducing a new study that we will be engaged with for the next several months.  We will be working our way through the book of Judges in the Old Testament.  I’m thrilled about any time spent in the Old Testament and Judges is one of the more overlooked books, so I was really excited to get started in it.  As part of our introduction, our pastor takes time to unpack the context that the book was written in as well as the context of our own congregation.  It’s the latter that I find so fascinating.  For example, there’s a lot of war in Judges; our church had just finished a mega study on Revelation – the revealing of the cosmic war and victory.  Seeing the cosmic war made physical in the history of the Israelites will have new meaning and spiritual implications for us in a way it couldn’t before.  We had spent the first few weeks of the year in a mini series called “We Are” that fleshed out the characteristics we want to emulate in our private lives as well as a faith family.  The Judges study is called “He IS” and focuses on the character of God as revealed in the book as our Sovereign, Warrior, Pursuer who is faithful to His people even in the face of their unfaithfulness.  It promises to be a fabulous study and we’re off to a thrilling start.

As our pastor introduced our new study, he put up a slide of all our previous studies and highlighted a few that we important in coming to Judges.  About 5 years ago we went through the book of Exodus (this has been my very favorite series) which tells the story of the Israelites rescue from slavery and journey to their new land.  2 years ago we studied the book of Joshua which recounts the claiming and conquest of their inheritance.  Now Judges is the next book that will show us how the Israelites lived in their land and regarded their convenant with their God.   The sermon series from Exodus was “Journey of Redemption” and the name for our Joshua study was “Enter” and our Judges series is called “He IS”.  Those three names strung themselves together in my mind from across those sermon slides and I heard in my heart – “this is your Easter series”.   So for this week, we’ll spend some time examining our journey through redemption, our call to enter into God’s promise for us, and rejoicing that all this is possible because of who God is.  We’ll do this primarily through the context of the Old Testament recounting of Israel’s history of their own journey.  I think you’ll find they mirror each other quite well and I hope you’ll join me.  The journey starts tomorrow!

Blessings to you,


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