Gift #989: Life Lessons

Otherwise entitled “Random musings from my mind because I’m too tired to write a coherent post, but feel compelled to write something”

  1.  Sinus infections stink.  I’ve been sick since Friday, am on my 2nd round of antibiotics, picked up a third med today, and have not into work until this afternoon.  However, I am deeply grateful for my doctors (old and new) who made time to see me on short notice and took my ear infections seriously.  I’m also very blessed to have a kind boss and great company that will allow me sick time without feeling guilty about it.  I came in for a bit this afternoon for an important meeting that had already been rescheduled once because of my sickness – my boss took one look at me and said “After this meeting I’m sending you back home”  I give thanks for him every day – he’ll be my best boss ever
  2. Knitting – I’ve not felt up to par to be knitting very much, but yesterday evening I made a decent shot of things and finished up a project that had been lingering on the needles since its start in October.  I think I was loving the leafy edging too much to want to finish it, but I did finally reach the last stitch and it’s awaiting blocking for another day when I have the energy to deal with it.  I’m very pleased.
  3. image
  4. Weather – in the words of Barry Manilow – “some kind of friend you turned out to be”.  After lulling us for weeks in March with mild gentle winds and above average temperatures, you convinced us that it was really spring.  You tempted the trees and bushes to put forth buds in anticipation of the joys you promised.  You waited till we were drunk in our expectation that we could plant annuals at the beginning of April… and then pow!!  We were easy prey in your hands!  You’ve turned belligerent; hurling hurricane-force gales across our land, stripping the trees of their delicate little buds, spitting sleet all over the grass, and now you’re threatening us with the “S” word in the forecast.  Let me be clear…. there will be no snow!  Do you understand?  Just pick up all your winter issues and be gone!!  And don’t you dare lay another finger against my magnolia bush!!!  I want to see her actually open her blooms this year.
  5. Babylon Bee – in moments of lucidness between many naps, this week I’ve found an awesome site called “The Bablyon Bee”.   It publishes  Christian satire in news-feed style and is hilarious.   It’s been a pleasant source of amusement while also being thought-provoking and convicting.  Titles such as “Holy Spirit Unable to Move through Congregation as Fog-Machine Breaks Down”  and “Worship Leader Caught in Infinite Loop between Chorus and Bridge”  make for great reading.  Too much laughing is not good for sinus headache though.
  6. Knitting Group – I’m unable to attend my weekly knit night this evening because of being sick.  I was really bummed about this yesterday and was messaging the group on Facebook to let them know.   My heart warmed up as several of them were online at the same time and we chatted together for a while.  It was a little thing, but it really lifted me up – I was lonely and sitting in the dark, not feeling good and kind of getting depressed, and then my knitting friends and I talked and it was lovely.  I was reminded once again that knitting brings us together, but we’ve learned far more than how to knit and purl in that room together.  We’ve had laughter, tears, frustration, celebration, annoyance, and comfort all wrapped up with each other and that’s the stuff that lives are woven of.
  7. It may not have been an easy week, but it’s been a blessed one and for that I’m thankful.

Blessings to you,


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2 Responses to Gift #989: Life Lessons

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Gosh, so sorry you are not feeling well, Sarah. Sounds horrible. Rest up and I hope you feel better really soon!

  2. raphaela99 says:

    Feel better, sweetheart. Xxx

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