Gift #996: Arbor Day

Happy Arbor Day!  I did not realize until an hour or so ago that today was Arbor Day.  In fact, I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even remember we had a day to celebrate trees.  But loving trees as I do, I think it’s a wonderful idea.  Had I been more on top of this, I would have helped plant a tree or hugged a tree or something, but since it was already after dark by the time I learned of this, it didn’t happen.  I did go through my photos and pulled out a few favorite tree snapshots taken through the course of the last year.  Each of these photos is taken from a special place that is dear to my heart.


Winter at Spring Mill Park.  This is my favorite park in Indy of the ones I’ve visited so far.  I actually haven’t made it to very many state parks as every time I have a weekend to travel to one, I end up back at Spring Mill.  It’s a sanctuary and haven – a restful beautiful place that is home to the oldest trees in the state.  Here is where I fell in love with Indiana.  It is beautiful year-round, but there’s a quiet reflective quality about the park in winter that is unique.  Time stands still and it’s just you and the trees.


Spring crabapple blossoms in the front yard.  I adore the weeping crabapple that sits near the front door.  I’d never seen a weeping variety before moving to Indy.  Our family had planted crabapples at our home in Denver, and it was a kindness of God to provide one here too.  I took lots of pictures of her this season which I’ll share later, but I liked this shot taken at sunset where it’s just her and the sky.  She always blooms around my birthday and that makes me happy.


Summer in the Rockies.  My favorite tree on earth is quaking aspen.  This lovely scene is a ubiquitous sight throughout the foothills.  When I looked back at these pictures, they took my breath away – I was immediately transported back to my beloved mountains, feeling the breeze and warm sunshine, smelling the fragrance of pine needles and cold streams, and listening to the aspens dance.  This my friends is what heaven looks like.   And every time I see it, I lose my heart again.  I love you Colorado.


And finally, fall.  This scene was captured during a late fall hike at Eagle Creek.  Just a short drive from home, this is a frequent weekend destination.  Fall is my favorite season and I spend just about every single weekend out in the woods somewhere soaking in the glories of falling leaves and acorns.  In fact, my obsessive love of autumn leads me to an awkward confession:  the trees have just started to leaf out here and already I’m envisioning them turning to gold.  It’s kind of a sickness, but sometimes I think I love spring just because that means autumn will be coming again.

And so in a few photos, we’ve roamed the year in search of trees.  Ever comforting and ever beautiful, trees fill our lives and hearts with their strength and weave us into the landscape.  Their branched arms wave in the breezes, beckoning us to join with them in the great dance.  Thank you God for filling our earth with trees.   Now go hug a tree tomorrow!  I will!!

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #996: Arbor Day

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    A fine tribute to trees, Sarah. Where would we be without them? It would be hard to pick a favorite, but I might choose sugar maple, followed closely by American beech. They are beautiful in all seasons. I do love trees!
    Honorable mention to the giant sequoia – grandmother/grandfather trees that are thousands of years old. Mind-blowing when you try to imagine it!

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