Gift #999: Mother’s Day

To my Mother,

Thank you for:
Playing pretend with me
Picnics at the park
Swinging with me for hours
Reading to me
Baking birthday cakes each year
Sewing my clothes
Piano and flute lessons every week

Thank you for
Planting my first flowers with me
Introducing me to God’s creation
Making washing cars fun
Buying me books
Teaching me to cross-stitch
Trips to museums
Family dinners every night
Movie nights and popcorn

Thank you for
Long walks
Deep conversations
Being my travel buddy
Showing me a life filled with love
A happy childhood
Giving me a legacy of faith

Thank you for being the best mom and the best friend I could ever hope for.


Happy Mother’s Day!!

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #999: Mother’s Day

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Strong family resemblance. 🙂 Wonderful to have such a deep love and connection – blessings!

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