Gift #1009: June Art

It’s been a really busy week trying to get things ready for my depature on Monday back to my home state of Colorado for vacation.  The week has been filled with appointments, deadlines, and frantic work activities.  I made a ton of cards for a publication deadline coming up and focused some serious attention upon Art Bead Scene’s June inspiration.  I absolutely loved this month’s inspiration – I think it might be my favorite one of the year so far.

This beauty is called “Literary Poster for the Century Magazine” 1896 and is by John Louis Rhead.  There wasn’t much information about the artist included in our introductory email beyond that he moved to New York from London and created over 100 posters.  I loved the Art Nouveau feel to the piece.  There’s so much for inspiration here!!  I’m very attracted to the tree silhouettes in the background and the trailing roses.  If I had more time, I’d like to try sawing out a tree shape in long, thin pieces of metals or if I were skilled with wire-work, I’d try mimicking those rose tendrils.  I also love the color palette – it’s vibrant but in a toned down, moody sort of way.  The bright pops of color are skillfully balanced with dark browns, greys, and copper.  The whimsical part of me is echanted by the flowers woven into the woman’s hair – and the flowing dress.  Oh, I’m just crazy about everything in this poster!

Oddly enough, I had a design in mind that I had dreamed up back in April after buying some citrine teardrops at a bead show.  Since then I’ve been biding my time, waiting for a challenge with yellow and flowers.  Bingo!  I had planned to use a different pendant, but then Heather Powers of Humblebeads created some fabulous beads and pendants based on the artwork and I’m afraid I purchased one of everything – a pendant, a set of beads, and 2 matchstick charms.  In the necklace I incorporated the pendant – a group of yellow roses trailing up an aqua background –  and one of the swirly yellow/brown/aqua beads.


My idea pretty much came to fruition here.  It involved sawing tiny flowers out of copper and soldering them to jump rings to create charms that would nestle in between citrine teardrops.  They kind of remind me of the flowers in the woman’s hair.  I paired these with groups of aqua semi-precious stones to pull the main colors of the poster together.  A few wood and glass beads mixed in help tone the color palette down.


I had planned to make earrings that used the citrine and more copper flowers, but one look at the matchstick charms, and I knew I’d be creating with these instead.  They are 1 1/4″ long golden roses swirled into the clay and antiqued with brown paint.  They are gorgeous.  I paired them with some dark aqua czech glass beads, brass bead caps, spacers, and wire wrapping ( I couldn’t resist adding a touch of tendril to the earrings).  I’m loving the way they turned out.  It was so much fun creating for this challenge, and I have a feeling I’ll be turning to this artwork again for more inspiration soon.

Blessings to you,



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2 Responses to Gift #1009: June Art

  1. what a beautiful necklace.The beads and pendant are like sunshine. and those earrings are so sweet and so fitting for this challenge.

  2. Beautiful with awesome details. I just love you copper flower jump rings and am loving the pairing of the yellow and blues. So yum yum!

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