Gift #1010: Denver Ahead

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to fly out in the morning.  I’m heading off to bed while it’s still light and will be waking up when it’s dark (which is a bit backwards from normal routine, I’ll admit).  We have a 6:30 flight and will land in Denver at 7:20am.  I love that with the time difference, we can be in Denver in an hour.  It’s not so charming on the return flight, but I’m not going to think about that yet.  I’m only thinking about going back home to my mountains.  I’ve picked out my knitting projects that I want to knit on in my special places in Denver:



Upon reflection, I noticed that they’re all green yarns.  Umm… those who know me well won’t be surprised by that; even my book matches! (I may need to seek out therapy for this when I get back)  They’re also all from my local yarn shop, Nomad Yarn.  (So if you see anything you like, contact them!  But don’t expect to get the green colors!)  The solid color is yarn hand-dyed from hibiscus plants on their property.  It’s very special and I wanted to merge my two homes together with this project – yarn from my Indiana home knitted in the mountains of my heart’s home.  The last 2 years I’ve worked on a green sweater during my Denver trip, and in keeping with tradition, this yarn is in the early stage of a leafy sweater with shawl collar.  A new yarn is Louisa Harding Pittura – colorway here is “Monet”.  This line of yarn is all named for famous painters and Monet is filled with green, with overtones of brow, aqua, and purple.  It’s becoming a lacy cowl and is lovely to work with.  I’m excited to continue work on this project in the various gardens we visit while in Denver.  The last yarn is Araucania’s Calbuco, a soft cotton blend.  I’ve worked with it before (in a different  color).  This green beauty with soft blues and browns woven in came home a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t planning to take it with me, but it kept insisting, quietly but persistently, that it needed to go to Denver.  I have to concur – it has all the colors of a pine forest in summer and will be a pleasant companion on mountain hikes.  This will become a shawl.  In between knitting, I plan to love and admire all the things I love so much in Denver- the mountains and aspen trees, the wildflowers and gardens, the museums and restaurants.  And my heart will hear again the siren call of the wind in the mountains and the laughter of water rushing downs rocky streams.


Blessings to you,


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