Gift #1011: Mountain Meadows

I’m back in Indy after a glorious vacation in Denver.  It was a special time spent back at home enjoying the beautiful places I love.  I usually blog while I’m there, but this time I decided to take a break from blogging to just experience everything I could.  Plus, I was pretty exhausted every night by the time we rolled back into the hotel – my mom and I keep full days because our time there is precious.  So this year the blogs about our time in Denver will be a little backwards.  Today I’m posting my goodbye and recap, and then over the next several days, I’ll write up a travelogue of sorts, recounting and sharing my special places with you.  I’m hoping this will be enjoyable to you and also help Denver feel close.  I tend to suffer “post-vacation depression” pretty harshly, especially where Denver is concerned because it hurts to leave a place I love so dearly.  Maybe retelling my adventures here will make the transition smoother.


At any rate, it’s my tradition to bid Denver farewell with a song that has particular meaning to my relationship with my home in Colorado.  One of the most lovely aspects of living in Denver was being close to the mountains.  I’ve grown to love them more and more every year.  Many of the mountain parks in which I hike have beautiful meadows nestling up at the base of mountains.  In the spring/early summer they are filled with wildflowers and tall green grasses.  I’m overcome with wild desires to dance with the butterflies,roll about in the grass, stare up into the bright blue sky, and melt into the ground.  I love how the green grasses contrast with the blue/grey of distant mountains and the vibrant blue of the sky.  It is one of the dearest sights to me in all the world.


When I heard this song this past fall for the first time, I was immediately reminded of my mountain meadows.  It speaks of the freedom and utter joy I find in these places.  It also speaks of the longing, the sense of eternity that my mountains inspire.  Denver changed my life – in ways I’m still discovering – and it still shapes my heart even as I’m away from it.  It’s taught me that the longing I feel for it echoes the longing of the soul for an eternal home.  My mountains remind me that all that I love is a shadow of what’s to come.

“Greenwaves” by Secret Garden

I remember a meadow one morning in May.
With a sky full of dreams that sailed in that day.
I was dancing through green waves of grass like the sea
For a moment in time I could feel I was free.
There are waves of forgiveness and waves of regret.
And the first waves of true love I’ll never forget.
In the meadow that morning as I wandered alone
There were green waves of yearning for life
still unknown.

Take me home to the meadow that cradles my heart
Where the waves reach as far as you can see.
Take me home to the meadow ‘ we’ve been too long apart,
I can still hear you calling for me.

What I’d give to remember that heavenly state
Just a moment in time ‘ all mine to create.
As I’m taking my last breath I know what I’ll see
There’ll be green waves forever out there waiting for me.

Take me home to the meadow that cradles my heart
Where the waves reach as far as you can see.
Take me home to the meadow ‘ we’ve been too long apart,
I can still hear you calling for me.


It was a balm to my soul to look on those green meadows and mountains again.  Every day through all these years, I still hear them calling to my heart.  Sometimes it’s a whisper like the wind, other times it’s a roar like a waterfall, but always in my heart, the echo of my mountains is there.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve tried not to grieve over my absence from them, but to recognize the call as one that comes from the voice of God, reminding me that I was made for an eternity of being at home with Him.  My time in Denver recalls again that joyful moment when we will reach our forever home in the presence of God, all evil and pain erased from the world, and be among the green waves of mountain meadows forever.  I hope I never stop hearing the call.  Farewell Denver until another year…. I love you and thank you.


Blessings to you,


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