Gift #1016: Thoughts on Life

Sometimes I feel like my blog is a frivolous thing and that posting of various experiences or places I love is a waste of time in light of the world’s problems and difficulties.  Tonight is one of those nights.  My heart is burdened with the weight of knowing there’s so much evil in the world (and sin in my own heart) and it’s hard not to fixate on that.  In fact, it’s hard to see anything else.  Promises of a coming world where God’s kingdom makes all things new feels like a distant mirage.  And deep down in my heart I wonder if it’s all just a pipe dream.  It’s a times like this that there’s a crucial decision to be made – am I going to wallow in my feelings, convinced that the only reality is the one I see, or am I going to preach the truth of the gospel to my heart?  Am I going to believe that God is bigger than all the mess or not?  One of the great gifts of the biblical record is the that as you read it, you understand that our time is not unique.  Biblical accounts are filled to overflowing with the same problems we face today – no group of people is immune from the effects of sin.  Way back in the beginning chapters of human history we find them struggling with the exact same situations and hurts and fears.

One of the devotional sources I follow, called Today in the Word, is going through the book of Genesis this month.  One of the themes as we’ve reviewed the first interactions between God and His people has been the enormous weight of sin that clouds each of the narratives.  Murders, deception, stealing, hatred, and violence form the substance of human history.  But the glorious message that seeps through is that God has stepped in.  As God builds relationships with the individuals highlighted in Genesis, you see judgement turned to blessing, outcasts find homes, want turns to abundance, enemies become friends, hurt heals into ministry, sin is forgiven, and sinners become saints.  God’s power and presence rewrote each story – and out of ruinous despair came new life and a glorious testament of God’s grace.  Though it’s hard to see now, what we’re living now is not the final word.  God is bigger and His grace is greater.  His promise is the reality.   While we wait for that glorious fulfillment, God has given us many reminders of His grace, provision, and love for us.  Not the least of those is flowers – and so I leave you with a few pictures of some flowers – the beautiful love notes God drops for us along the path of life.




Blessings to you,



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One Response to Gift #1016: Thoughts on Life

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    I like that: “Flowers are the beautiful love notes God drops for us along the path of life.”

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