Gift #1017:Denver Botanic Garden

Today I wanted to share some more floral pics from one of my most favorite places on earth – Denver Botanic Gardens.  I love this place and dream of it near daily throughout the year.  It’s a beautiful place, especially in summer, and my mom and I love spending the whole day there strolling through the gardens and exhibits.  During summer months they are open for 12 hours! 12 glorious hours and it’s still not enough time!  The pictures today are from the O’Fallon perennial garden, which is a long walkway bordered on both sides by tall evergreen shrubs and tons of flowers.


It ends at a little courtyard with roses and a gazebo, then the walkway turns to a sunken garden which is new and is filling in nicely with plenty of roses, accented by annuals.



A couple  of years ago the gardens hosted installations of the famous glass artist Chuilly.  He did a fabulous job creating organic pieces that accented the beauty of the gardens.  This stunning piece was left on permanent display and is a focal point in the new garden.


As the path meanders along the back of the gardens, you can stop to rest in this lovely conservatory.  It was installed a few years ago and quickly became a favorite place.  Nestled among large trees and shade gardens, the green filigree of the Victorian structure lends a stately, historic feel to the spot.  It’s where we eat lunch and spend some time knitting. It’s always felt Disney-esque to my mind and this year there was a new sign explaining the history of the conservatory.  Surprisingly, they were commissioned by EuroDisney but they cancelled the order after they were made.  They sat up assembled in a warehouse for over 20 years before being auctioned.  A donor bought one and gifted it to the gardens.  It’s the only one on public display.  What an amazing story!  And I was right about the Disney feeling!


There are are lots of photos to share.  I took an embarrassing 800+ photos during our visit! I’ll be posting more in the near future as the are only from 3  of the gardens.  I hope your weekend is filled with flowers.


Blessings to you,




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One Response to Gift #1017:Denver Botanic Garden

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Looks like a fabulous place, Sarah. I probably would have taken lots of photos, too!

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