Gift #1018: Alpine Gardens

First there were computer issues.  So much so that the computer needed to go to the “doctor” and stay for a couple of days to get back in business.  Then there were blog issues that I’ve spent many, many hours over several days trying to settle.  I think I’ve got the problem settled (and all on my own too!  Blog support was less than helpful).  I’ve missed blogging and there’s still lots to share from my Denver trip.  Today I wanted to show you my favorite garden at Denver Botanic Gardens.  My mom and I spend a great deal of time here when we come to visit.  It’s one of the first gardens we enjoy and we spend our last hours of the day here too, savoring its beauty.  The gardens are filled with rocky outcroppings, hardy perennials in bloom, succulents, and alpine plants.


Here are some of my favorite plants from the gardens.


Sea holly is a plentiful flower in the native gardens and gives a bright flash of color everywhere it blooms.


This little demure beauty is a favorite of mine.  We first noticed it last year and tried to identify it, but there were multiple ID tags associated with the plant and it was hard to know which was correct.  After some corroboration this year, I’m 80% sure it’s an ornamental oregano, but it really doesn’t look like any oregano I’ve ever seen.  Thoughts anyone?


My abiding love for seed pods and spent flowers continues unabated in this garden and when we visit in early July, there’s plenty of both – flowers in full bloom and tantalizing seed pods of all shapes and textures.  Some times these floral forms look just like fireworks!


There’s so many lovely flowers and grasses in this garden that I think I could stay here forever.  I think one of the reasons I love it so much is because it does strongly resemble the mountain meadows that I cherish.  I forget I’m in a cultivated garden and let the echoes of wild mountain air stir my heart and I feel profoundly and utterly at home.




Blessings to you,



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