Gift #1025: Turning leaves

It’s still solidly in the mid to high 80s here with oppressively high humidity levels.  In spite of it feeling like mid summer though, the landscape is starting to color into autumn.  I don’t know what queue these plants are getting – it’s not cooler nights, so it must be the slight decrease in daylight.  Nights are creeping in a bit earlier now and hues scarlet and gold are brushing the leaves.


As much as I’m excited to see the signs of autumn’s arrival, part of me panics and wants to say “Not yet!!”  I love long, long autumns with slow arrivals and departures and I want to savor the anticipation of my favorite season.  So when I see leaves like this dotting the forest, I have a mixed reaction of utter delight and reluctance.


These little jewels are harbingers of the coming autumn.  The season is turning and summer grows old now.  Most of the annuals and many of my herbs are spent, beautiful even in their faded glory.  You can almost feel the tension as the earth tilts away from the sun and begins the descent into winter.  Nature is transitioning, holding onto one season but knowing it’s slipping through one’s fingers.  I grow sympathetically restless in spirit too – wanting to hold on but simultaneously desiring to reach out for something more.  Excited for autumn, but dreading the departure of summer; I find myself caught in the shifting seasons.  Evidences of disquiet are all around me – half finished jewelry projects from the summer, nearly finished knitting projects started this spring sit by my side and even now I’m contemplating what fall creations I can cook up.  This weekend I must make Halloween tags for a swap.  Usually there’s nothing so stimulating to my creative juices as Halloween stamps, but I’m paralyzed by the prospect of this swap.   I don’t know what to do; can’t settle on a style, and the stamps aren’t telling me what they want to be.  Hopefully once I hold them in my hands they will create magic that only spooky trees, gravestones, owls, and a full moon can do.  I will watch Great Pumpkin, consider a cup of hot chocolate, and eat a pumpkin treat.  And I will remember that leaves are turning in the forest and ushering in my favorite season.  And I will be content with the ordinary miracles falling all around.


Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #1025: Turning leaves

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    I think the drought has stressed plants into earlier than usual dormancy. I’m seeing much the same in our forest. I have mixed feelings about the change as well. Transitions take a period of adjustment. I hope you feel inspired soon for your project. Blessings!

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