Gift #1029: Happy October

Welcome October!  You are my very favorite month of the year and I look forward to your coming all year!  Can you please stay for the next three months?  We’ll make a few changes to the calendar and ensure you can stay longer this time, ok?  We’ll freeze the trees in a perpetual autumn and enjoy your beauties all the longer.  You all know how much I love autumn.  If I could have my way, we’d have 9-month long autumns, with the three other months for the rest of the seasons.  In fact, I’m pretty convinced heaven will be an everlasting fall with showers of glorious golden leaves falling all around and pumpkins for everyone.


Needless to say, I’m very excited that October has come again. We’ve had lots of rain this week and October dawned cloudy and misty.  We have hints of autumn in the trees, only flashes of color here and there, but you can tell the trees are definitely thinking of turning.  Their leaves have that air about them.  Meanwhile, lower to the ground, the plants are putting on a show that drives me near to distraction.  In all the fields I drive by, wildflowers are in their last summer wave and seedpods are everywhere.  I want to pull off in every field and take pictures.  I finally got my wish to take some pictures last weekend when my mom and I had lunch at Trader’s Point Creamery.  There was a field of wildflowers and I relished some time to enjoy them up close and admire the seedpods and dried flowerheads.  Oh, how I love seed pods!


A few pumpkins have already made their way home to the front porch!  I’m hoping to go to Nashville soon to the pumpkin farm to add to the collection.  This evening I made a pumpkin quick bread (mix courtesy of Williams Sonoma) and it was perfect for the start of October.  Although this fall is very busy this year, I hope to spend every moment I can walking through leaves, petting pumpkins, collecting acorns, talking to ravens, reading Wicked, and relishing every beautiful moment of glorious autumn. I hope you will too!


Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #1029: Happy October

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Happy Autumn to you, Sarah!

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