Gift #1030: September Art Challenge

Is “better late than never” a true statement?  I’m not sure about that, but I have a late challenge to post – September’s Art Challenge went unblogged in September, despite the fact that I did create jewelry on time.  Things have been insanely busy and time is getting away from me.  I just took pictures of the earrings today and finally have a few minutes to write a blog post.   I’m getting a bit frustrated because fall is my favorite time of year – a time when normally I can slow down and relish the beauties of this season, but that hasn’t really happened yet.  Hopefully there will be time still for long walks and marvelling at leaves.  It’s been a warm autumn so far, so maybe it will linger longer.   Anyway, back in September we had our art challenge hosted by Art Bead Scene Blog

This is “Old Woman from the Poorhouse in the Garden with Glass Ball and Poppies” by Paula Modersohn-Becker, 1907.  The subject of the painting, Anna Schroeder, was a favorite of the artist and she painted her multiple times.  In this incarnation, the florals and herbs are a nod to the older woman’s extensive knowledge of herbology and folk medicine.   She’s holding foxglove and looking none too pleased.  I’m wondering if she’s contemplating the more poisonous qualities of the beautiful plant.  In all honesty, this is not one of my favorites we’ve had to work with.  I really don’t like paintings of people (it’s a strange quirk of mine) .  The only aspects of the painting I liked were the poppies and their seedheads and the dark colors.

I’m enamored of seedpods and decided to focus on that for my jewelry and create something that reminded me of a wild field in late summer/early autumn.  My favorite color right now is purple and I wanted to use that as the main color of my necklace.  As fate would have it, I had ordered a poppy seedhead clay bead from Heather Powers of Humblebeads last year… and it is purple!  The rest of the necklace was built around it.


I made the focal point a cluster of charms with a gunmetal leaf, the poppy seed head, and some extra berry clay charms I had made for another project.  These hang from a chain of my precious tourmaline beads (my favorite semi-precious gemstone!) and a purple floral bead, also by Humblebeads.  Oh, I love it!  It’s my tribute to the seedpods and withered leaves I love so much this time of year.  The tourmaline adds a richness and earthiness to the necklace and I love staring at the beads.  They are deep, myriad hues of purples, pinks, greens, grays, and orange.  I have some smaller tourmaline beads that I have kept, waiting for the perfect project.  These came from the bead show I went to in April and were my “splurge” purchase.  They are a beautiful cut which shows off the stone’s color but doesn’t make it sparkly.


The earrings are made with antique brass leaf charms topped with more of Heather’s fabulous polymer clay beads and tourmaline.  Heather’s beads this fall have been amazing.  These came from a set of mum-inspired beads.  We won’t discuss how many of her beads I’ve purchased recently, but you can expect to see many more of them in the months ahead as time to make jewelry allows.  I have two other necklaces in the works with her beads (both purple) and another set for my August calendar challenge (I’m woefully behind on my calendar-inspired jewelry).  I’ve already seen Octobers Art Challenge on Art Bead Scene.  For the first time, the subject of inspiration is not a painting, but is instead a marvelous Art Noveau lamp.  Lots of exciting ideas to work with there!  Stay tuned for this month’s art.

Blessings to you,




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1 Response to Gift #1030: September Art Challenge

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful set of jewelry, Sarah. You have such a gift for it.

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