Gift #1031: An Old Friend

I took a vacation day today to enjoy some autumn weather and take a day trip to Nashville, IN with my mom.  It was nice to have a day away from work to take to the hills of southern Indiana.  While there we visited the pumpkin farm for some beauties to decorate the porch and we visited with an old friend.


You may remember how greatly I fell in love with Gustave Baumann and his art when our Art Museum opened a temporary exhibit last winter.  My mom and I spent many, many days in his company there.  Learning about his life and seeing his art had a profound effect on me which I’ve blogged about multiple times.  When I saw his woodcut prints, it felt like a door to another world had opened or a part of my soul that was dormant awoke.  Well, since the exhibit closed, I’ve missed him terribly and have pored over the books that we bought from the museum.  My mom discovered that there was an art gallery in Brown County that had some of his work, so we went to find it this afternoon.  image

At the Brown County Art Gallery, Gustave Baumann is honored with a permanent exhibit in the Historical Wing.   The lights were off in the gallery as we approached it.  We entered the threshold and the lights came on, revealing an entire room with his paintings, prints, and woodblocks.  I think both my mom and I had tears in our eyes as we saw our beloved artist’s work for the first time since mid-January.  It was such joy to admire it again and gaze at his beautiful scenes.


This exhibit focuses solely on the work produced when he lived in Nashville.  His early work here is full of the natural beauty and colors of the landscapes.  The land surround Nashville is heavily wooded and trees form a significant part of the collection on display.  Some were favorites of ours from the Art Museum’s exhibit and other prints we saw in person for the first time today.  I saw his penciled handwriting which titles, signs and numbers every one of his plates.


Just to know that I was walking in the same town where he lived 100 years ago made an impression on me.  I was looking at buildings he would recognize; some of the trees he loved and captured in his art are still there.  And his simple scenic woodcuts still capture my heart. The ones I’ve shared today are lovely fall scenes that haven’t changed much from Gus’s time to ours.   I’m so grateful to have seen his artwork again and now I know there’s a special place where I can visit him anytime.   What a blessed and happy thought!!  I’ll be back soon.


Blessings to you,



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