Gift #1038: Forest of Gold

Despite the crazy schedule of the last few weeks, I’ve been desperately trying to spend every moment outside that I can.  My family went to Spring Mill State Park a couple of weekends ago and there was still a lot of green.  The following weekend found my mom and I at our neighborhood park to try to do a bit of hiking and enjoy the foliage. We were there while they were setting up for a trick-or-treat event on one of the trails – local businesses and special interest groups were setting up booths along the trail with activities and candy and people were arriving in droves with their costumed families while we left.  It was fun to see that.  And then this weekend we went to Eagle Creek park for an afternoon of hiking and knitting.


These couple of weeks are my favorite of the year.  Our fall came slow and late, but I think we hit peak about last week.  There’s still a fair bit of color and some of the late changers haven’t started yet.  Other trees have already shed their autumn cloaks and are bare now.  The first area of Eagle Creek we tried hiking in had already lost its leaves for the most part.  After walking around there for a bit, we decided to go to another area of the park to hike where you can walk through forest and then around the lake.  I like this trail because the lake area is full of seed pods and berries this time of year.  However, the great happy surprise for us was that this forested area was full of color and absolutely glorious.  The weather was fine – the sky blue, a gentle breeze, and the warming rays of sun – combined with the stunning colors made for the perfect fall day.


We reveled in the beautiful autumn colors, picked up leaves, took pictures, and shuffled our feet through the colorful fallen leaves.  We talked and praised God for the beauty He gives His creation.  We knit on our fall projects and watched the birds come to the feeders.  We got to pet a beautiful sheltie named Rusty.  He was happy and excited to meet some new friends and to hear compliments on how lovely he was.  He seemed excited to be enjoying the fall as well.  (It’s not very often I get a chance to pet a sheltie, so this was a special moment)


I cherish walking through the woods so much, and at no time more than autumn.  It is the height of glory, the joyful revel of creation’s song before winter.  And I could walk through a forest of gold forever.


Blessings to you,


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