Gift #1039: It’s Halloween again

This evening I had a treat waiting for me when I came home from work – I received my Halloween swap package!  One of my online groups, called Tiny Owl Knits, celebrates Owl-o-ween with an anonymous swap.  We fill out questionnaires, receive a person, and create a package filled with things we think they’ll like.  The package must include a hand-knit item and a treat.  Plus anything else you’d like to include.  My owl took a bit longer to receive as he had to fly across the Atlantic Ocean!  My gifter was from Great Britain!  It is thrilling to receive a package from someone living in the place I’d most like to visit in the world!

imageShe packed it full of wonderful things – handknit items, chocolate, and hot cocoa (from Cadbury!), soap, yarn, buttons, beads, and postcards.  Here’s a closer look at some of my gifts.  She filled the box with lots of leaves too.

imageShe gave me handmade soap in orange chocolate flavor and knit a towel to match.  I can’t wait to wash my face and hands with it.  I’ve never had a handknit towel, but I’ve heard they’re great.  There was also a woodland notebook with owls and mushrooms on the cover and a knitted leaf.

imageHere’s a closeup shot of a knitted cornucopia with a skein of yarn inside.  I was delighted by this – imagine having a skein of yarn in such a cute present!  The outside of the cornucopia has tiny leaves sewn along the border.  The skein is a dark brown with mauve, dark purple, and olive green – my favorite colors.  I’m thinking a hat would be great.

imageMy generous gifter also knitted me a felted cauldron.  I’m enchanted with it and think this might be resident in my room all year long.  Umm.. that spider button – it’s absolutely amazing!  The cauldron was filled with tiny silver heart beads and another skein of beautiful yarn!  This skein is more of a grey/green base with all sorts of brighter colors woven in – yellow, pink, red, dark purple, and blue.  This says “happy winter mitts” to me – maybe paired with a bright color to liven up dreary winter days.

imageOne of the most lovely gifts was a series of ceramic buttons.  She told me that they were handmade by artists in Africa.  I’ve never seen anything like them – they are earthy and beautiful colors and woodland themed – my favorite!  I can’t wait to find special projects for them.

She was also very creative in packaging my box – she sketched on owlies on the outside and created a lovely felted panel for her knitted leaf and some of the buttons.


I feel very honored to be the recipient of such a wonderful package.  One of the most special things about participating in the swap is not just the amazing items you receive, but knowing that a total stranger was thinking of you, making something just for you, and finding things that they think you’ll like.  This kind of thoughtfulness and kindness is a treasure.

Blessings to you,



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