Gift #1047: First Snowfall

This past week has been full of preparations for the Christmas trip and on Tuesday morning, my mom and I had planned to run a few errands on the north end of town and visit the mall there to see the decorations and window displays and to have lunch together.  Except that on Tuesday morning, this is what we saw


Our first snowfall! We were expecting less than an inch but we already had 3″ and it was still coming down hard.  So, no running around town that day.  I was disappointed about not being able to see the decorations at the shops, but God provided nature’s seasonal decorations.  And the snowfall was beautiful to watch while I gave thanks that I didn’t have to be driving in it.  The day was spent around the house finishing up things for the trip, watching Christmas movies, and enjoying the snowflakes.  In all we got 5″ !  And he next day the roads were cleared up enough to allow us to venture to the shops, procure the last Christmas present, and enjoy some time together.  We’re on the road now and I’ll be visiting my family for the next many days.  I’ll try to blog as time and energy allow.  U till the next post, may your Christmas days be merry and bright wherever you may be.


Blessings to you,


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